Saturday March 28, 2020

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A N N O U N C E M E N T:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We strive to offer outstanding customer service and discreet sex toys shopping with us. We welcome all feedback as it will help us to serve you better.

1) Please online chat with us (if we are online).

2) Please email to us:
(For all general inquiries and payment notification - successful transaction details. Before email us, please read below those common FAQs to find the quick answers as we can't repeatedly replying those FAQs that have been answered below)

Note: is an online shopping store. We don't provide the service of C.O.D (Cash On Delivery), meeting up with customer or visit our store to view products.

Top FAQ / question:-

This item (code) got stock or not? (BARANG INI ADA STOK TAK?)
- Click the product
- No stock if it is showing . Please wait for our next restock shipment.
- Got stock / available if it is showing . Please click on it, complete the checkout process to create an order (we don't accept sms ordering at the moment & we don't sms reply to such inquiry) and we'll only reply or update your order & payment status via email.

Click here to get a quick answer about:-

- How do I purchase online? / How to create an order?
- What payment methods do you accept?
- What is your banking a/c?
- Can I order by SMS or email without register an account? 
- How to check stock status?
- Is the online payment method offered secure on your website?

Click here to get a quick answer about:-

- How to check my TRACKING NUMBER?
- How is my order status? / Why my order status is still pending?
- What's next after I've sent email of payment notification?
- Why still no reply from you?
- How is the packaging? Any sex toys name on the parcel?
- When can I receive my order?
- Can I self collect my order at the courier office?
- What is the postage/delivery fee?

- My package held in customs? What should I do?
- Can I return/exchange the product after receiving it?
- What courier service are you using?

Other questions:-

Why free gift is not provided (even though your total order is entitled or qualified to get it)?
- You've not added a free gift into your shopping cart before checkout or confirming the order. Click here to find out more....

How about the extra payment (change due) if I pay via CDM (Cash Deposit Machine)?
- Sorry, we don't return or send cash/coin in the package. We'll add Reward Points into your account as a way to refund you for the extra payment made. You can redeem it during checkout process when doing your future ordering with us. Click here to read information about our Reward Points.....
- For those SMS or email ordering, no worry as we'll record your extra payment accordingly and you can redeem it when placing your next order with us.

Why my pending is cancelled / deleted?
- Pending orders will be cancelled / deleted when we don't receive any email of payment notification after 1 - 2 days from the date of order.
- Also, we will not hesitate to IMMEDIATELY delete those accounts & its pending orders which have registered using INVALID/REJECTED email addresses.