Thursday April 18, 2019

Hadiah4U - Reward Points

What is it?

If you create an account with, you can earn reward points on purchases and get use them to save on future order.

How does it work?

Each item is worth reward points. When you proceed to checkout, and submit your order, you earn reward points. They are active once your order has been confirmed as "Processing" or "Dispatched". The reward points are equivalent to 2% of your order value.

For example, if you make an order of RM50, you will gain enough reward points to save RM1.00 off your next order.

How do I use them?

On subsequent orders, once on the checkout page, you will see a check box which shows your total Reward Points balance. Click this and they will be redeemed and then, you will notice the amount deducted from your order total.

Please note, reward points are set against basket total (not shipping).

Can they be used in conjunction with other offers?

Yes they can. If we have a sale or a promotion, you can still use your reward points. There is no expiry date for these reward points, and they can be used whenever you like.

How can I check my reward points?

Log into your account (Log in), you will see your current reward points at the right-top information box with the title of "Reward Points" or click "View or change my account information" under My Account's option lists.

Can I cash in my reward points?

NO. Reward points can not be exchanged directly into cash value.

Why no reward points for purchasing Gift Certificate?

Don't worry, you (or someone you've sent it to) will get reward points when using it to buy any products during checkout (redemption).