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Japan 2H2D male delay spray (oral sex, No washing required)


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Japan 2H2D male delay spray (oral sex, No washing required) - 10ml

Edible oral sex delay prematured ejaculation spray!

  • 1. This product is imported from Japan, and it is non-alcoholic product compare to local delay products. It does not produce numb feeling and suitable for oral sex, you also need not to wash.
  • 2. Shopkeeper has hand experience and spray Japan 2H2D delay spray to mouth, and there is no numb feeling at all. We also find two men and asked to spray this product and make love later. It has shown incredible result and the pleasure delays longer. This has been proven that our product is the best choice for you.
  • 3. As our product is odorless and colorless, you will not feel any discomfort or awkward feeling after spray. It only delays the pleasures of sexual and some think that low quality of delay spray give them numb feeling and they can't feel any pleasures hence delay their ejaculation. This is a misleading to the understanding that 2H2D do not have significant result, but the real premium delay agent should leave no special feeling to the glans and penis after spray, but only delays pleasures period and will not cause to non-ejaculation.
  • 4. You should know how to use your delay spray properly for better result. The proper instruction is you have to wash your glans and penis to clean before you apply the spray. This is to prevent smegma affects the absorption of delay spray. After you wash and clean your private part, apply the spray on glans, coronal parts and areas of coronal parts that is 3cm from the bottom of penis. Rest for 30 minutes. You should rest not less than 30 minutes for better delay result. Those who are suffering from severe premature ejaculation may apply the spray, wait it to dry and re-spray for one more time.
  • 5. Why the Chinese manual is pasted on the packaging? This is because the product is sealed and imported from Japan directly, in order to not destroy the packaging, hence supplier will paste the Chinese manual on the packaging instead. We appreciate your understanding.














  • Model: JAPAN-2H2D-DELAY
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