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MINILOVE Men Delay Spray (10ml)


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Disclaimer: All material on this site is provided for your information only and should not be construed as medical advice or instruction. Results can vary by individual.

The famous delay spray, it works amazingly in prolonging men's ejaculation. There should be no shame attached to pre-mature ejaculation. It is a common problem amongst. Finding a solution is the sign to show your partner that you care.

It Increased erection, greatly lengthened periods of excitement, and a significant increase in the ability to maintain intercourse is what you can come to expect from continued use of this product.

It enhances lovemaking and is discreetly in pocket sized enabling men to regain ejaculatory control and have extended love making sessions, ensuring their partner is satisfied again and again.

It's formulated using the latest technology in male climax control. Our product gives the user assurance that they will have what it takes for that special moment.

It is easy to use and works quickly and it's a mild anesthetic, Simply spray twice or thrice to your penis head and gently massage for 30 sec. Rinse with water after 5 minutes and you are ready for a longer and more satisfying love making.

Clinical trials have proven that it is quick-acting, safe and effective; and you don't need a prescription or medical consultation.

What is Delay Spray?
It is a spray that is formulated to help prolong sexual pleasure.

Do I need a prescription?
No prescription is necessary for this product and it can be purchased easily at our store!

After applied, when will it take effect?
The product starts taking effect a few minutes after it is applied.

How long does Delay Spray last?
The results vary depending on the individual, but on average the product normally lasts 30-45 mins. per application.

Will Delay Spray desensitize my partner?
If only the suggested amount of Delay Spray is used and there is a 5 minute allowance for the product to be absorbed, rinse with water after 5 minutes and there will be no desensitizing effect to your partner.

How should Delay Spray be applied?
Apply Delay Spray by holding bottle 5 inches away, applying 3 to 7 sprays to the head and shaft of penis. Do not exceed 10 sprays in a 24 hour period.

Minilove Spray adalah spray untuk melambatkan pancutan sperma dan memberikan keseronokan berpanjangan dalam hubungan seks. Minilove di ekstrak daripada tumbuhan semula jadi dan ianya akan memberikan anda pengalaman seks yang berkualiti tinggi dan membolehkan anda menikmati seks lebih nikmat dengan selamat
Kesan daripada penggunaan MINILOVE SPRAY
  • Tahan Lebih Lama
  • Menikmati Sepenuhnya Kelazatan Seks
  • Anda Bebas Menusuk Masuk Ke Dalam Faraj Dari Pelbagai Arah Mengikut Kesukaan Tanpa Perlu Tertahan-Tahan
  • Isteri Mencapai Klimaks berkali-kali
  • Anda akan mendapat kesan segera, bertahan lebih lama
Disclaimer: Result may vary from person to person
Syzgium aromaticum, Cordyceps sinesis, Herba Cistanches, Hibiscus esculentus.
Spraykan pada kepala zakar dan bahagian bawah batang zakar sebanyak 3 ke 4 kali 20 minit sebelum hubungan seks. Produk ini boleh bertahan selama lebih kurang 60minit.

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