Saturday May 25, 2019

Crystal Dildo - B7


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Model / Product Code: CRYSTAL-B7

Amazing Avantages That Only A Crystal Dildo Can Give You:-
- Phthalate Free ; Non-Toxic ; 100% Guarantee Safe 
- Doctor Recommended
- Can Be Warmed Or Chilled
- More Sanitary And Easy To Clean
- Completely Smooth, Non-Porous Surface
- Last Longer Than Traditional Materials ; Can Last for Life Time!
- Artistic Designs, They Are Truly Beautiful & Sexy
- Lubricants Last Longer
- Won't Stain Or Smell
- No Color Fading
- No Rusting

- Heat it up or cool it down for new sensations. Can be used safely in cold or warm water.

- Want a cold temperature? Soak your baby crystal into cold water or you may just freeze it.

- No? Want some hot and sexy and flammable temperature? Soak it into hot water.

- Next step is to put some lubrication on it before penetration for pleasure.

- It is able to increase libido and speed of reaction, endocrine and enhance sexual pleasure.

- Total length: 15.5cm
- Diameter: 3.5cm (Head) 2.8cm (Shaft)

  • Model: CRYSTAL-B7
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