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Hitdoll - 17KG High-end Superb Realistic Silicone Luxury Doll


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We are offering the fantastic lowest price for these SUPERB REALISTIC luxury dolls.


Hitdoll - 17Kg Superb Realistic Luxury Real Doll with Metal Skeleton

Ever dream of having a real Japanese (or the world's finest) realistic sex doll?!!
It's available now! Here in Malaysia @!

Material: 100% Non-Toxic High Quality Soft TPE
Weight: 17Kg
Skeleton: Metal as "Spinal Cord" (bendable & flexible neck ; position of her head can be adjustable to up, down, left & right)
Super Realistic Texture of Body, Muscles & Skin: Soft TPE (like real human's body flesh & muscles)
Height: 90cm
Pleasure Holes: Vagina and Anus
Package Size: 96cm x 46cm x 14.5cm
Wig hair Color: As shown in picture
Gross Weight/Package: 21Kg

The doll comes with vagina sleeve (for easy cleaning)
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Distinct Features:
  • Less expensive

  • Extremely satisfying 

  • Unbelievably Jiggly Breast and Jiggly Butt

  • Non-Toxic Soft TPE

  • Awesome Experience

  • Durable

  • Unbelievably Realistic

  • Simple to clean

  • Soft and fun to use

  • Real life eyes

  • Fully Functional

  • Exceptionally Beautiful

  • Easy & Convenient Storage

  • Flexible
    metal skeleton

  • Easy to Carry

  • Disease Free

Why buying this sex doll from us?
- What you see is what you get. We have experience in selling (both low & high cost of) sex dolls via online since year 2009. We are the FIRST #1 Malaysia online seller who is committed in providing these kind of high-end quality dolls to our customers.

- We ship from Malaysia (Selangor) via local courier service. Safe, discreet packaging, no worry about shipping/transportation & fast delivery. Instead of buying online from oversea sellers - with lot of worries (beware of gimmick advertisements of sex dolls by untrusted online foreign sellers!), NOW, YOU REALLY HAVE THE BEST CHOICE!

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Hitdoll is a manufacturer of sex dolls with a well equipped and strong technical testing equipment. With a wide range of good quality and stylish designs at reasonable prices. All our luxury dolls are 100% TPE, they are not semi bag. They are fully solid.

They are among the most realistic in the world, they all have a very strong skeleton, they establish a perfect balance between aesthetic beauty and practical function.

Top Quality:
Lifelike & delicate skin can be achieved, great ductility and tear resistance many experienced and characteristics Sex Doll Museums in those well developed countries which sex dolls have been greatly used, find out that the tear resistance of silica gel is not so good and they can't bear long term tearing. Normally the body might get broken or damaged if the doll is used violently, and this is not repairable. Hitdoll use TPE material which can suffer strong tear, The perfect tear resistance of this material reaches 550%,which is more durable than Silica Gel . And TPE is in line with environmental protection standard and non toxic. Hitdoll is the unique doll manufacturer in China which using this excellent material TPE to make sex doll. Besides, we can also adjust the softness of Hitdoll sex doll ( range from 0-100A) according to different customers' needs so as to provide you the natural and delicate feeling of skin.

Daily Maintenance:
1. Ensure that the space is dry and clean enough that the doll kept. Put some desiccant and bamboo charcoal inside
2. When cleaning ,you can use cleaning water , please use wet towel only to clean it and never try to wipe out the cosmetic on her face. Bubble wash or lavement is not allowed
3. After used dolls ,please cover it with mask to avoid any damaged,or the eyelash is prevail over
4. For the cleaning of wig, just use normal shampoo to clean it regularly and wait it become dry after clean
5. Remember to do some nursing care for the dolls regular as below : put on transparent gloves , then put some talcum powder on your gloves ,and wipe over through the doll lightly to achieve refreshing
6. Once there is dirty on doll, don't clash it hard ,try to use cleaning water is OK. Then dry clean faric

Note of Delivery:-

We'll dispatch order in 1 - 2 working days upon confirmation of payment - details. Please expect the delivery within NEXT 1 - 3 working days from the date of dispatch / post out.

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