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YEAIN 115CM Lifelike Superb Realistic Silicone Doll

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Model / Code: YEAIN-115CM-DOLL

YEAIN 115CM Lifelike Superb Realistic Silicone Doll

Imagine that high school sweetheart that you never had the chance to bang, sleeping in your bed naked or better, penetrating that hole! It's the feeling you get with a lifelike sex doll.

The anal and oral virginal holes can be compared to having sex with a real or fantasy partner. You don't have to wait for nights without the pleasure of having sex anymore or worry about the number of times you have sex in a day with a life-like sex doll at your service.

The life-like sex dolls are definitely of more quality and satisfaction than its money value. The dolls appearance and smooth texture make sex enjoyable more than ever.

Material: 100% Non-Toxic High Quality Soft TPESkeleton: Metal Skeleton (any posture you like, just like real human)
Super Realistic Texture of Body, Muscles & Skin: Soft TPE (like real human's body flesh & muscles)
Height: 115cm
Waist: 37
Hip: 60cm
Breast: 59cm
Vagina depth: 15cm
Anus depth: 15cm
Oral depth: 12cm
Vagina type: Built-in
Skin color: Natural
Pleasure holes: Vagina, Anal & Oral

Package size: 110cm x 37cm x 28cm
Gross Weight / Package: 22Kg

Distinct Features:
  • Less expensive

  • Extremely satisfying 

  • Unbelievably Jiggly Breast and Jiggly Butt

  • Non-Toxic Soft TPE

  • Awesome Experience

  • Durable

  • Unbelievably Realistic

  • Simple to clean

  • Soft and fun to use

  • Real life eyes

  • Fully Functional

  • Exceptionally Beautiful

  • Easy & Convenient Storage

  • Flexible
    metal skeleton

  • Easy to Carry

  • Disease Free

Why buying this sex doll from us?
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Top Quality:
Lifelike & delicate skin can be achieved, great ductility and tear resistance
They are among the most realistic in the world, they all have a very strong skeleton, they establish a perfect balance between aesthetic beauty and practical function.

Clean After Use

The lifelike doll must be cleaned appropriately after sex inevitably. Before you start cleaning the doll must be laid level on a surface with a specific end goal to take away weight from its joints. If a cleaning unit was furnished with the doll, it is prudent to utilize that or else make a cleaning arrangement using tepid water with a blend of gentle cleanser and additionally any antibacterial soap.

Clean the orifices completely with the arrangement and wash it with sufficient water. If you are cleaning the face's hole, expel the head and wash it under a running tap while avoiding the cosmetics. Let everything dry actually; don't hurry the procedure by blow-drying as it could harm the doll. Store it simply after it has totally gotten dry; this is important to avoid mold becoming inside.

If wrinkles have come up after use, simply lay it level on any surface. The lines ought to try and out all alone. Dolls ought not to be put away in conditions that cause wrinkling, for example, tight fitting garments. Wrinkles that stay for a more drawn out time frame get to be changeless. Numerous silicone dolls need oil in their assembling for throwing silicone. If a lifelike sex doll is laid on a surface for a drawn out stretch of time, oil will overflow from the skin on to the surface. Also, doll's butt or bosoms may smooth out contingent on where the heaviness of the doll rests. In this manner amid capacity, the position of the dolls must be changed at regular intervals.

At the point when not being used, it is prudent to store the doll in the carton that it came within and must be put similarly situated. Avoid unnecessarily chilly and too much hot putting away conditions. Room temperature that is agreeable for people will suit the doll. Additionally, avoid putting away the doll in wet spots as the doll may absorb an excess of dampness in these conditions.

Note of Delivery:-

We'll dispatch order in 1 - 2 working days upon confirmation of payment - details. Please expect the delivery within NEXT 1 - 3 working days from the date of dispatch / post out.

- For West Malaysia: FREE DELIVERY via SKYNET courier service only .
Also, you may consider to self collect it at any Skynet office / station (click here to view their location list)

- For West Malaysia: NO DELIVERY to Skynet Outskirt Area / Zone 2 Area
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- For East Malaysia: NO DELIVERY
At this moment, we don't deliver this item to Sabah, Sarawak & Labuan

  • Model: YEAIN-115CM-DOLL
  • Shipping Weight: 16 Kgs