Friday February 21, 2020

YEAIN MAX-MAN Extension Sleeve (Add Extra 2" Inch) - YY914


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Achieve Unprecedented Levels of Deep Love
New Design Featuring Comfortable Sleeve Material

This is an assertive device especially for flirting. Made from medical grade material, the device is non-toxic, reaches international health standards and gets several international certifications.

It could make the penis longer and thicker effectively and increase the females pleasure while making love. It is a good weapon to help a man to be a warrior on the bed through prolonging the time of sex and preventing premature ejaculation.

Note: Based on different individual's need, you may cut out the extra bits/length to make it suitable & comfortable - it's entirely up to your satisfaction!

YEAIN MAX-MAN Extension Sleeve (Add Extra 2" Inch) - YY914

  • -Long and Thick
  • -Increase The Speed Of Women Getting Orgasm
  • -Prolong Men From Getting Early Ejaculation
  • -Unique Shape To Further Enhance Stimulation
  • -Easy To Use And Clean
  • -Good Elastic
  • -Hygiene Packing

How To Use:

1.) Flip over the sleeve
2.) Insert penis while erect into the girth area.
3.) Apply some lubricant
4.) Flip the sleeve back to cover the whole penis.
  • Material: Medical Grade Silicone
  • Overall Length: 180mm
  • Entrance Diameter: 50mm
  • Wall Thickness: 2-4mm


  • Model: YEAIN-YY914
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