Wednesday May 22, 2019

Quick Release Cock Cage (Triple Rings)


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The Triple Helix Enhancer - Enhance your erection, appeal and pleasure with the Quick Release Cock Cage.

The Quick Release Cock Cage has a unique triple ring design to give an uplifting effect to the penis shaft while restricting blood flow back out of the erect penis. For S&M, this little devilish device is a big pleaser and accessory not to go without. 3 rings come together to form a nice appealing sensual cage for your cock and balls.

This product seems bigger size because it is designed to accommodate westerners' sizes. However, as for Asians, you can always cut out the bits that is extra and customize it to suit your need.

Cock Ring for delays. It helps to lock your energy and preserve your power for extended love-making time.

The ability to prolong love-making is very important for men. To know whether you are hard enough, you just need to use your palm to hold behind your balls then you will realize that your penis would become hard and firm. However, of course you cannot perform this act during love-making. For this ring, it helps you to strongly tighten your seminal duct and prevent the blood back flow. This will not just help you to become harden but also prolong your love-making time. It will help you to solve the issue of impotence. It will also let your lover surrenders to you and remember your manhood forever.

Wear it on the based on penis that is also near the testicles when love making. The delay would be even more effective. By improving the blood circulation around the penis, it helps you to fully control the ejaculation time which enhances sex and harmony. It does not cause any side effect even you use it for long term.

Active ingredients:
All the raw materials have met with international hygiene standard. Non-toxic latest material, high-end non-toxic soft latex.

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