Sunday July 21, 2019

DIBE Emma Double-Ended Clip Style Massager (Purple)


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DIBE Emma Double-Ended Clip Style Massager with 6-Speed Mode Settings Stimulate Clitoris Vagina U A Point G-spot

Dibe Emma will have one prong inserted while another lies on the clitoris, providing dual-stimulation. To this end the Dibe Emma has two different textures on the individual prongs. The external one has a 'bristle' like effect, with a bunch of tiny feelers taking center stage. Meanwhile the internal prong has a gentler selection of raised lines.

In addition to these different textures the Dibe Emma also has triple-motors, again allowing users to explore their preferences before committing to more expensive sex toys with a similar design. I think this is what I appreciate most about the Dibe Emma. Yes, it has a design and appeal that manages to stand out from the crowd but it also offers up some design elements that are familiar and that are well-worth exploring before making an expensive commitment in other sex toys.

The Dibe Emma is also waterproof, rechargeable, and made from silicone. In the Dibe Emma's case being waterproof is particularly valuable, too, because otherwise that texture would be a pain to deal with.

- TRIPLE Motors: Two on the tongue, one on the tapered tip. a hard core device triples the pleasure
- CLIMAX aid Multi point stimulation: Nubby head intensdify Clitoris Vagina g-spot vibrator sex toy, ergonomic design.
- POWERFUL 6 speeds vibration modes, the head with wave shape design is easier to stimulate clitoris, vagina, U point, G-spot, C point, gives you orgasmic pleasure.
- FLEXIBLE Meets the ergonomic principles, small waist design will not expand the vaginal opening, provide for top safety and pleasure. 100% waterproof and silent. Last 2 hours use.




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