Sunday May 19, 2019

LUOGE: USB Rechargeable Female Oral Stimulator (Version 3)


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LUOGE: USB Rechargeable Female Oral Sex Toy Stimulator: Suction Pump & 10 Vibration

- Usage Method:
i) Clitoris, Vagina and Anal Stimulator
ii) Breast & Nipple Massage
iii) Neck Massage

- 2 Modes of Automatic Powerful Suction/Vacuum Pump
- 10 Vibration Tongue Massager
- Bust Line Increaser Breast Enlarger
- Easy Controller for Suction/Vacuum Pump & Vibration
- Power: USB Rechargeable
- Super Shock
- With Refresh & Blood Circulation Function
- Easy To Use
- No Side Effect
- Manufacturer: LUOGE
- Luoge Model: LG-115B (New and Latest Version or Generation 3 Model)
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