Friday February 28, 2020

Min Vibrator - Octopus


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Small octopus vibrator, lovely and compact design. It's a joy generator designed for her. The combination of its powerful vibrator and its cute little tentacles will assure its user to experience an unexpected feeling of arousal on any highly sensitive areas of her body by shifting it gently and softly. While you are playing with it on your partner's body, be prepared to see them losing themselves into their almost-orgasmic experience while you "twist-and-turn" the Octopus with your skills and imaginations. For some successful couples, Octopus has been reported to bring orgasm even without intercourse yet.. What a powerful little genius that conquers every single nerves of the body!!

It's made of non-toxic polymer materials that are soft and comfortable.

- 5 types of vibration
- color not fix

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