Wednesday May 22, 2019

Wireless Vibrating Egg - MyLittleSecret (Before: RM89)


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Vibrating eggs or bullets are clitoral stimulators, they are not meant to penetrate the vagina. Vibrating eggs and bullets are mini vibrators, usually about 2 inches long that vibrate and create a tantalizing feel from the high rate of vibration. Vibrating eggs and bullets are small and discreet and more quiet then a basic vibrator so they are good for travel. They have a faint buzzing noise, like a bee and are significantly quieter then a regular vibrator.

Tips:- The standard way to use a vibrating egg or vibrating bullet, is to hold it against your clitoris while you are having sex. This even works missionary position because the sex toy is so small that it stays out of the way. With that reason, eggs and bullets are an excellent first sex toy for many shy women or for women who are not as open with their sexuality and would like to explore it further.

The egg can be used in foreplay as well, use it to tickle each others bodies and enjoy the tantalizing tickling feeling!

My Little Secret - Remote Control Egg
- 10 meter range wireless remote control
- Water Resistant
- Abs + rubber ; Smooth PV Material
- 10 adjustable speeds
- Batteries included
(Controller: 1 x 23A 12V  Egg: 2 x LR1 Size N 1.5V)
- Color: Purple (Pink - Sold Out!)

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