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JOHNSON & JOHNSON K-Y Personal Lubrication Jelly is clear, non-greasy and water soluble. Ideal for use with condoms.

Recommended for gynecological and surgical lubrication and when additional vaginal lubrication is needed.

- Spread readily and easily dissolved.
- Bacteria free.
- Non sticky and does not stain.
- Looks natural like own natural secreations.
- Non-irritating Jelly.
- Water soluble.
- Greaseless.
- Transparent.
- For vaginal lubrication.
- Harmless to human tissue.
- Net weight : 15g
- Johnson & Johnson Product

What is it?

Gentle and safe, the K-Y Brand Jelly water based lubricant quickly prepares you for intimacy and eases the discomfort of vaginal dryness during sex. Fragrance free, non-greasy formula.

What it isn't.
K-Y Brand Jelly is not a spermicide and will not kill sperm.
In vitro studies have shown, however, that some lubricants may inhibit the motility or movement of sperm. Although there is no evidence to indicate that use of any vaginal lubricant decreases fertility, it is always advisable to consult your physician first and to follow his or her recommendation.

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