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SM SPADE - Pink Velvet Restraint Kit - Set of 6 pcs


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Model / Code: SP-VELVET-0090

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Touch, smell, sounds, taste and vision combined make sex the amazing sensory experience that it is. Removing one of these senses can make things all the more interesting you could blindfold him/ her so that only the touch to focus on.

Also, why not break the rule of never playing with your food? Cover each other in your favorite delight and turn it into a sexual feast! Add a little mystery and erotic excitement to your love making! A great kit for lovers who are just starting to explore the wonderful pleasures of bondage. Collar and wrist restraints and a soft blindfold are the perfect way to play. What you do will heighten his desire to get involved.

Tired of the usual bedroom scenario? Set the room on fire with this Bondage Kits. This very sensual bondage kit is a great way to explore new positions while playing sexy role with your partner. Turn your lover into slave with that every whip. Seduce your partner and invigorate your sex life to the new levels!

- Hand cuffs
- Feet cuffs
- Collar
- Paddle
- Blindfold
- Whip
- Material: Velvet
- Color: Pink
- Brand: SM SPADE

  • Model: SP-VELVET-0090
  • Shipping Weight: 0.8 Kgs