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UNIKU Breakthrough Realistic Male Masturbator - VAGINA


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Our Model / Code: UNIKU-VAGINA

Breakthrough Series of UNIKU, were designed by our designer team meticulously. This is the first series in the whole of male masturbation devices market that can be broken apart for thorough cleansing as well as allowing of changing the inner sleeve freely. Completely reflects our core principles of being hygienic, large variety of choices and multifunctional.

The predominant function of the design is to increase the endurance and sexual ability of all males, and at the same time enjoying the unbelievable sensation brought by it.

Don't be too ambitious by stroking too fast at the beginning. Keep every stroke deep and steady. You may also press on the pressure controller at the sides of the device according to your preference. When you are about the reach the point, stop stroking and press on the pressure controller hard, this helps to release the sensation so that you can carry on with it and enjoy a higher climax.

- Easy & convenient to clean with its "broken apart" design
- Numerous sensitive spots and acupoints on the male sexual organ
- The blood rush would be efficiently increased if correctly stimulated and hence to the erectility
- The texture of the inner canal of is designed to efficiently stimulate the corona glandes, the foreskin, the shaft and the root of the penis
- Effectively decrease the sensitivity of the corona glandes hence helping you endure longer
- 100% Non-toxic Material
- Pleasure Shape And Pleasure Feel
- With Air Suction Control
- Can Press For Tighten Up
- All Round Pleasure,No Miss Place
- Enhance Pleasure of Feeling
- Deeper Thrusting Action
- Softness, Elasticity And Great Suction
- Casing Color: Not Fix - any color
- Genuine Product Verification: Anti-counterfeit Center

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