Thursday April 18, 2019

Nalone Orgasm Beads (4 x Metal Beads & 2 x Silicone Holders)


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Model / Product Code: NALONE-YANY

Nalone Yany Metal Beads are seductive take on the bestselling orgasm balls in the world, bringing irresistible pleasures during foreplay and beyond. Perfect for wearing on a night with your partner, the inner balls respond to movements with subtle vibrations, enhancing your feeling for the pleasures to come.

More than just building sensations, they also promise an array of health benefits and more powerful and regular orgasms in the future. These beads are comfortable and perfect fit for everyone, and can be worn one or two at a time with the inclusion of a soft silicone harness that allows you to choose the combination that work best.

- 1 x Silicone Holder/Puller for two (2) beads
- 1 x Silicone Holder/Puller for one (1) bead
- 2 x Metal Beads (2 x 40g ; Purple Color)
- 2 x Metal Beads (2 x 30g ; Gold Color)

  • Model: NALONE-YANY
  • Shipping Weight: 0.38 Kgs