Wednesday May 22, 2019

Vibrating Cock Ring (with 2 pieces of condoms)


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April 2012 Restock

Boost the pleasure of lovemaking through vibration!

The vibrating condom ring will turn any condom into a thrilling vibrator! It is designed to fit securely at the base of the condom, emitting strong vibrations that provide exciting stimulation for both partners.

It is powered by an ultra light battery that is safely enclosed in a soft silicon shell. Each vibrating condom ring can run for up to 20 minutes and is recommended for one to two uses. As an added bonus, the vibrating condom ring may also help maintain strong erections.

The size fits perfectly to fill the gap between the tip of penis and women's G-spot.

- Vibrating Cock Ring (1 piece)
- Natural Latex Rubber Condoms (2 pieces)

  • Model: Vibrating-CockRing-Condoms
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