Thursday April 18, 2019

Butterfly-Clit Strap-on Vibrator


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A butterfly vibrator is a clitoral and labia stimulator. The soft rubber skin is designed for comfort and the fluttering gyrations are designed for pure pleasure. It nestles against your erogenous zones while you control the strength of vibrations from the multi-speed controller.

The straps are worn on the waist or thighs and allow the vibrator to stay in place. Butterfly's soft wings cover snugly the clitoris and labia delivering the waves of pleasure and excitement.

Perfect for female masturbation, since provide the simultaneous stimulation of several erogenous zones

It can be worn under the clothes. For example, some women wear them to receive sexual stimulation during their boring working hours like the way of relaxation and calming down.

- Powerful vibrator controller
(2 x AA batteries - not included)
- Color (Pink): Solid or Clear

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