Friday April 26, 2019

7 inch Soft Vibrating Sensual Dildo (Bendable Spine)


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Even we were impressed by this amazing stimulator! A small, compact and powerful vibrator that delivers perfect all round stimulation. The smooth and bulbous shaft delivers untold vaginal satisfaction while the rounded head traces your g-spot and massages it delightfully.

On top of that, it can be bent into any shape. The side mounted clit exciter is something out of this world! It's not about size but what it can deliver and what you can get up to with it! It's very easy to use.

- Multi-speed vibrator that is situated at the tip/head of the dildo for ultimate sensation. It helps you to reach and tickle your most desired love & sensitive spots.
(Battery: 2 x AAA - not included)

- Flexible spine to hold into any position.

- Soft touch & sensitive sleeve for perfect orgasm pleasure

Overall Length: 20.3cm
Diameter: 4cm

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