Wednesday May 22, 2019

OKAMOTO - ROMAN "Rose Pattern & Double Fit" (10 pcs in a pack)


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Model / Code: OKA-ROSE

ROMAN "Rose Pattern & Double Fit"

The embossed Rose pattern and Twin Fit shape stimulates feelings, and provides you & your partner with maximum pleasure.
The name ROMAN comes from "Romance," as this item creates a fancy and amorous atmosphere.

This condom is made of natural rubber latex
10 Pieces Lubricated Condoms: Non-Spermicidal & Reservoir-ended
Color: Pink
Shape: Rose patterns embossed & Double Fit
Nominal Length: 183 +/- 7mm
Nominal Width: 52 +/- 2mm
Expiry Date: 07/2018
Made In Japan

  • Model: OKA-ROSE
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