Wednesday April 24, 2019

Electro Sex Kit - Electro-Massage & Stimulation


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Spine-tingling stimulation at the touch of a button! A miracle-worker for massages, the controller sends a gentle jolt of electrical current to stimulate your lover's nerves and muscles all over their body for muscle relaxation and sexual arousal.

It helps ease tension in stiff muscles and enhance arousal in erogenous zones! And this kit has everything you need to start experimenting with electro stimulation, making it perfect for beginners and even intermediate users.

It comes with 4 pads that you can position them all over your body to target specific areas - including your joints, arms, shoulders and back, legs or erogenous zones. You can even select that particular body area in the controller for a more effective electro-massage and stimulation.

- Effectively massages and increases sensitivity, enhancing orgasm
- Easy to clean
- Hi-tech LED screen
- Digital power control, clear displays
(Battery: 2 x AAA - included)
- 6 electrical impulses function
- Pick one of the 5 body zones to stimulate

Electro Sex Kit adalah alat stimulator yang bisa digunakan untuk menstimulasi payudara, vagina, klitoris ataupun anggota tubuh lainnya.
Sangat berkesan digunakan untuk keperluan seksual wanita.

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