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Happy Emulsion - For Women (10ml)


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1. To speed up / shorten the time for women to reach orgasms & sexual excitement.
2. Improve sexual ability

This product synthesizes adoption of palace method. It's has been refined through the scientific method. As soon as wipe can make the blood circulation, produce to warm up to feel, cause labium, clitoris to swell up, produce the sex excitement, and shorten the sex response time, as soon as possible to attain the infinite pleasant sensation.

The German Original Package of M99 Import The Pacific Asia Region

Main Ingredient:
Perfume tree, rose, Clary Sage ginger and various herbaceous extraction essence.

Use before sexual, use warm water wash the pudendum, then use the product spew to the labium, clitorises and out of the cunt to wet. After ten minutes can have sex.

Duration: 3 Years (Mfg: 2011/Nov)

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