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BRAVE MAN - Penis Sleeve (026202)


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Model / Code: BRAVEMAN-02

This transparent ultra soft & textured sleeve is placed to envelope the erected penis. It is designed specifically to maximize sensation while sharing sexual pleasure.

Turn your cock into a pure sex machine with this stretchy penis sleeve. Its noduled & spiky shaft are designed to deliver great sensation for vaginal penetration that will drive her from one orgasm to the next!

You are no longer in trouble of thinking how to stimulate and make your partner orgasm!
It could make the penis longer and thicker effectively and increase the females pleasure while making love. It is a good weapon to help a man to be a warrior on the bed through prolonging the time of sex and preventing premature ejaculation.

- New Stretchable Safe & Non-Toxic TPR Material
- Length: 14cm
- Diameter: 3.5cm
- 1 x Free Lubricant
- Material: TPR, Safe and Non-Toxic Medical Grade
- Manufacturer: BAILE
(Manufacturer approved by STATE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION ; RoHS Compliance ; EMC Compliance (CE) ; United States Patent & Trademark Office)d
- Color: Clear

  • Model: BRAVEMAN-02
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