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G2 G-Spot Pattern Condom (2 pcs) & Free 2 pcs Condoms


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Dec 2012 New Arrival

Model / Product Code: G2-CONDOM

Its design with multiple protrusion pattern of soft thorns at the condom's top will effectively stimulating women's G-spot & most sensitive areas resulting more pleasurable sex enjoyment.

Each box containing 2 pieces of G-spot pattern condoms & free 2 pieces quality condoms.

- Made from high quality natural latex
- Designed with intense ribs to give your partner maximum stimulation
- Increase stimulation with external design
- Safe and effective contraception
- Effective to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases
- Exp: 2015/06
- Nominal thickness: 0.03 mm
- Nominal width: 52 +/- 2 mm
- Nominal length: 160 +/-5 mm
- Nominal diameter: 33 mm

【Certification information]

  • ISO9001 international standard certification
  • U.S. FDA access to the certificate issued
  • EU CE certification
  • The South African Bureau of Standards SABS certification
  • Chinese authorities CCC compulsory certification
  • The U.S. PATH institutional implementation of the GMP prove

This product can be safe and effective contraception. In the way of the proper use, can reduce HIV infection and other opportunities, such as chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases.When used without any foreign body sensation, excited fullest pleasure.

  • Model: G2-CONDOM
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