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NPG (ORIGINAL) MEIKI 007 SARAH AV - Dual Layer Realistic Vagina


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Feb 2013 New Arrival

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Feb 2013 New Arrival
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Meiki No. 7 Sarah - The Latest Best Seller! Fuller With Fleshy Membrane! Highly Rated! Truly Dual Layer!

For the first time, worldwide innovation of the Meiki No Shoumei series, realistically reproduced! Softer, smoother, fuller with fleshy membrane:
The innocent female vagina with inner and outer vulva!

A fascinating lovely pussy during missionary position has been perfectly imitated. Great three-dimensional and a dreamlike vagina! Open the vulva with your fingers and you will never get tired with the looks of this perfect replication! Inner vulva, pussy, clitoris, clitoris glans and urethra opening, all velvety exposed!

The outer shape perfectly replicates the lines of Sarah butt. Your eyes will be fascinated by this perfectly shaped ass. The masterpiece, Meiki No Shoumei No. 7 has been pushed to an even higher standard, again. Do not miss the future trend!

Sarah was born on October 7th, 1991. Even though she is pretty small with her height of only 151 cm, she has fantastic playmate proportions!

The half-Brazilian, half-Japanese beauty Sarah signed a contract at the famous Japanese porn label SOD. Her fans loved her for her unusual ancestry. Her first debut as AV star for SOD was in December 2010.

At the Muranishi event, in Beijing, she drew her attention for the first time to the makers of the Meiki No Shoumei series. It did not take long until she stood out and got the opportunity to be the next Meiki girl! With Meikino Shoumei No. 7, the development of artificial vaginas have experienced further development again and Sarah has been able to be part of this amazing advancement!

Meiki no Shoumei 7 is made of soft, high-quality TPE. It weighs a bit more than 600 grams and is 17 cm long. The top feature of this Meiki is the innovative design of its labia. This masturbator has actually an inner and outer labium!

Product Features:
Realistic replication mould of Sarah
Perfect replica of butt line of Sarah
S-shaped vagina tunnel
3D dreamlike vagina with all sexual organs exposed
Improved version of dual layer Meiki Onahole
Softer, smoother, fuller and fleshy membrane
Swelling G spot for intense stimulation
Soft stretchy material accommodating every penis size
Manufacturer Name: Japan N.P.G

Love Liquid Of Sarah (Lubricant):
60 ml (2.03 fl oz ) love lotion included
The Love Lotion is created based on her original vaginal fluid data, Ph Value, viscosity and component analysis.

Care and Maintenance:
Wash your Meiki with medium-hot water and antibacterial soap, rinse, drain upside down (not inside out) for a half minute or so, then gently place a clean microfiber towel inside all the way to the back to get most of the residual moisture out. After towel drying, use a small wire wisk(egg beater) - about 2 inch diameter - to gently prop open the outer canal, and let air dry overnight(or use a small fan).

Apply corn starch liberally over the Meiki. Wrap with cotton towel and store in a cool place. You can use Thirsty Hippo or charcoal to absorb mositure and humidity in the air.

For storage, avoid storage under direct sunlight as UV will degrade the material of the Meiki.

Beware of counterfeit (FAKE) Meiki 007 Sarah:
- Normally selling at a much cheaper price.
- Some does not come with any packaging or come with low printed quality packaging.
- Poor quality finishing for the sleeve interior and exterior structure.
- No signature of Sarah Logo embossed on the sleeve

1) The outer vulva will ingest the penis with its thick, fleshy membrane.

2) Missionary position increases male stimulation because of the oppositional contact of the pubis. The inner walls of the vagina underneath the mons, which are connected to the clitoris by nerves, are swelling during stimulation.

3) The essentials of powerful vagina muscles: The diagonal muscles seduces your penis, the lengthwise muscles impose stimulating pressure upon it.

4) This grainy part of the vaginas back wall flows in a soft S-curved shape.

5) During erection the vaginas front wall softly vibrates up and downwards. At the same time the back wall swings crinkly. While unerected both vagina walls are concentrated. During stimulation they are moving.

6) Of course Meiki No Shoumei No. 7 comes with a juicy G-spot! G-spot of Sarah is particularly big!

7) The contraction point in front of the cervix uteri is exceedingly muscular. These muscles impose stimulating pressure onto the males glans which causes exceedingly stimulation.

8) The female orgasm arises deeply inside the vagina a U-shaped space that collects the ejaculated sperm. From this point muscle contraction will transport the sperm to the uterus.

  • Model: NPG-SARAH-007
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