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NPG (ORIGINAL) MEIKI 006 YEN JYU YI - Dual Layer Vagina

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Feb 2013 New Arrival

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Feb 2013 New Arrival
Model / Code: NPG-YEN-006
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Latest Meiki 006 - New & Special Dual Layer Design

This Meiki is made with the new double layer technology, the outer side is a Skin Feel material while the inner layer has a special pink material, providing higher friction and suction feeling.

A new, highest standard of quality for molded Vagina enjoyment. Years of material research and star search of a beautiful, most "sought after" lady have led to the ultimate invention of "Meiki 6 ".

The passage has a 3D structure design, with 3 stimulating zones, bringing you ultimate pleasure

At present, the "Meiki 6", is one of the Best Replica Vaginas available on the market.

As its previous version Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu, this Meiki 6 also has a super-realistic complex texture with latest dual -layer designed Meiki Onahole.


She was a 19-year-old amature Betel nut girl (檳榔西施 - Binlang Xi Shi), standing on the street in sexy dress and selling her betel nuts got into a scuffle with the cops and got herself propelled into a media frenzy which made her Taiwan's most celebrated pin-up girl overnight!

Product Features:
- This new Meiki no 6 is the latest second dual-layer Meiki Onahole.
- The strectchy material will accommodate every penis size and is about 2.5 times smoother than those previous Meikis
- The new dual layer use Meiki"s realistic soft material on the outside with a stickier and firmer material lined on the inside
- The new double lips design will help in retaining the lube used
- The inner dual-layer will provide even much more sensation than those previous Meikis
- The entrance has been redesigned to provide a stronger suction than those previous Meikis
- The G-Spot and every part of the tunnel are all improved and lined with much more realistic texturing for the ultimate realistic stimulation.

Product Details:
- Length: 16cm
- Width: 9cm
- Weight: 750g
- High cosmetic safety
- Non thru" hole(stronger suction)
- 60ml bottle of her love Juice is provided that contains a appealing sexual scent with phermones
- 3D and double layer modelling of her Pussy designed Structure
- Water Base, volume: 200 ml (6.7 fl.oz)
- Based on her Vaginal Fluid Data
- Lube features her scent, colour and taste
- Her love Juice contains a appealing sexual scent with phermones
- Manufacturer Name: N.P.G, Japan

Care and Maintenance:
Wash your Meiki with medium-hot water and antibacterial soap, rinse, drain upside down (not inside out) for a half minute or so, then gently place a clean microfiber towel inside all the way to the back to get most of the residual moisture out. After towel drying, use a small wire wisk(egg beater) - about 2 inch diameter - to gently prop open the outer canal, and let air dry overnight(or use a small fan).

Apply corn starch liberally over the Meiki. Wrap with cotton towel and store in a cool place. You can use Thirsty Hippo or charcoal to absorb mositure and humidity in the air.

For storage, avoid storage under direct sunlight as UV will degrade the material of the Meiki.

Beware of counterfeit (FAKE) Yen Jyu Yi Meiki 006:
- Normally selling at a much cheaper price.
- Simple inner texture with no G spot
- The exterior structure does not look exactly the same as shown
- No Original Retail Packaging

Internal Structure:
Outer Layer - Beautiful skin on the outside with the feel of voluptuous flesh
A tender and light complexion that almost looks see-through!
Inner Layer - The vaginal wall
With super-sexy adhesive material that is red and meaty!

1. Bringing back the overwhelmingly soft and ultra-realistic plump vagina!
2. The red vaginal wall is delicately covered with pleats and bumps like the gills of a mushroom!
3. Spoil yourself silly with the multi-folded G-spot at the top!
4. Tease yourself with a lingering rub-down-feel from the protruding warts at the bottom!
5. Go for 'broke' at the mouth of the womb which now includes the most flaps and bumps in the Meiki series' history!

This two layer hole is made of the highest quality of material and technology which provide a new unique balance of softness and stimulation not possible before with those previous Meikis.

Most of the Reputable and Top-Ranking Online websites in USA, Japan and Europe have accorded this "Meiki 6 " at 5Stars Rating.

So far, there is no other replica masturators on the market that has a comparable quality or measurable by same standard (in terms of popularity, reality and sensual stimulating factor) to the "Meiki 6".

  • Model: NPG-YEN-006
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