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The Natural Premium Personal Lube w/ Carrageenan, Aloe Vera 15ML


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USA DreamBrands - The Natural Premium Personal Lubricant with Carrageenan, Aloe Vera & Vitamin E - 15ml

~ ~ ~ All Natural 100% ~ ~ ~

Dream Brands (formerly Oceanus Naturals) introduces the Natural, the first and only personal lubricant designed to feel just like you. The Natural is an all natural lubricant that features the ingredient CARRAGEENAN. Found in ocean plant life, carrageenan is one of nature's most effective lubricants.

Never sticky, The Natural contains Organic Aloe and Inuline, plus vitamin E to soothe and support a healthy microflora. The Natural contains no glycerin, no parabens and no petroleum-based glycols. Smart, Playful, and Fun - The Natural's unique bottle pumps measured amounts of lubricant with a no-mess, no-spill, self-sealing applicator. Try it in any direction - even upside down.



The Natural is designed to mimic a woman's natural lubrication. Its silky texture is sensual to the touch without being sticky, making lovemaking a longer, more pleasurable experience for both men and women.


Other leading lubricants use silicone, glycol and other petrochemicals that can be sticky and leave you with an unclean, unnatural feeling inside and out. Water-based The Natural is natural and is the first lubricant to feature the powerhouse ingredient carrageenan.

Our natural The Natural is not only one of nature's most effective lubricants, but has its own amazing health benefits and together with a highly pure natural humectant derived from vegetables, they deliver a moisture-rich formula that complements your own body fluids. This unique blend named Carrizma is derived from a sustainable and renewable process that is environmentally friendly. These natural ingredients give The Natural a moisture rich, long lasting, silky smooth texture. The result is a natural product that works as nature intended it to - and the feeling is sensational!


Vaginal dryness can lead to painful sexual intercourse with burning, itching and irritation. It's a common problem that affects millions of women of all ages for a variety of reasons: fluctuating hormones, medications, childbirth or breast-feeding, stress, excessive exercise, or menopause.

Though it is the star ingredient with its own amazing health benefits, carrageenen, part of the Carrizma blend, is complemented by organic aloe and agave inulin, and natural vitamin E. The aloe we use has been scientifically proven to have a high level of active components to soothe sensitive tissues. Vitamin E works with aloe as a moisturizer and antioxidant. Our glycerine free formula contains inulin, a prebiotic from organic agave.

The Natural's natural, patent-pending formula relieves dryness during those intimate moments and is pH balanced to complement your own natural fluids. It's gentle, non-irritating and provides lasting comfort so you can use it as often as desired.


The Natural has the proper balance of natural ingredients that "feel just like a woman", yet comes out of the bottle as a rich, silky gel. This silky gel transforms into a moisture-rich lubricant with your own natural body heat. The Natural's formulation lasts longer and stays put to create a moist, natural experience during intercourse.


The Natural's scientific formula becomes a silky smooth liquid in the body as a result of heat and friction. And the unique bottle pumps measured amounts with a no-mess, no-spill, self-sealing applicator. Try it in any direction - even upside down!

Features of Natural Lubricant:
  • Silky Smooth/Never Sticky
    Aloe, vitamin E and all natural Carrizma result in a moisture rich, long lasting, silky smooth lubricant
  • Unique Carrizma Blend
    Carizma is derived from a sustainable and renewable process that not only feels great, but is environmentally friendly.
  • Organic Benefits
    Organic aloe soothes while organic agave inulin is a prebiotic that helps women maintain healthy microflora.
  • pH Balanced/Glycerin Free
    Oceanus Naturals' glycerin free formula is pH compatible with a healthy vaginal environment to relieve dryness
  • Silicone and Paraben Free
    The Natural contains no petroleum-based ingredients and uses a natural preservative system for your safety.
  • Non-Staining/Odorless
    Water-based and fragrance free
  • Eco-Friendly
    Carrizma, a highly pure natural moisturizing blend is derived from sustainable and renewable processes.
  • Sanitary/No Mess Container
    Unique, patented, self-sealing dispenser keeps product fresh and contaminant-free. Airless system and patented ball valve close opening as soon as product is dispensed. No mess liquid-gel goes where you want it, not where you don't. Each pump delivers consistent measured amounts.

Learn more about potential added benefits of carrageenan the ingredient and the research conducted by heatlh authorities. Visit

The ingredient carrageenan, together with organic aloe and agave inulin, plus vitamin E deliver a moisture-rich formula that complements your own body fluids. The result is an all natural product that works as natura intended it to - and the feeling is sensational!

Carrageenan all natural lubricant
The first 100% natural personal lubricant formulated to support women's health and wellness with additional benefits far and above the relief of vaginal dryness.

Carrageenan has a superior soft, silky, non-sticky improved texture, lubrication and pH balance designed for women's health and pleasure. Carrageenan imitates a woman's natural lubrication. Its silky texture is sensual to the touch, making sexual intimacy a more pleasurable long-lasting experience for both men and women.

The primary ingredient in Carrageenan natural personal lubricant is carrageenan, an extract from rich marine algae with amazing potential health benefits. This abundantly renewable ingredient has extraordinary thickening abilities with other forms of it used in everything from food to cosmetic products.

  • Carrageenan's Water-Based Formula Also Features: Organic Aloe - naturally soothes and sustains healthy sensitive tissue
  • Organic Agave Inulin - prebiotic that helps women maintain healthy microflora
  • Vitamin E - fights free radicals and soothes and sustains healthy sensitive tissue
  • Citric acid - pH balancing ingredient

Carrageenan contains NO silicone, petroleum-based glycol, parabens, glycerin or other harsh chemicals. Its water-based formula contains all-natural ingredients that are non-irritating, safe, effective (and fun) for everyday use. Oceanus Naturals natural Carrageenan outperforms all other chemical based lubricants with its soft, silky, not sticky texture.

And beyond the best sex ever, Carrageenan offers women added health benefits far and above the relief of vaginal dryness and increased sexual pleasure.

  • Redbook recommended Carrageenan over 200 competitors
  • Health reported the National Cancer Institute's research on carrageenan's health benefits
  • Redbook "Sexplorer" prefers Carrageenan Warming Lubricant

Science of Carrageenan
Early versions of lubricants like K-Y were designed for insertion of medical instrumentation. And the current generation of personal lubricants have been designed primarily with men's pleasure in mind; women's needs are secondary. Designed for women's health and pleasure

Oceanus Naturals team of scientists wanted to take a completely different approach. Unlike other major brands, Carrageenan personal lubricant was developed with natural, water-based ingredients that offer a safe and healthy alternative for women. They focus first on women's health and second on pleasure for both partners.

Benefits and Science

Improved texture, lubrication and pH balance
The primary ingredient in Carrageenan natural personal lubricant is carrageenan, an extract from a rich marine algae that is one of the oldest surviving sea plants on earth. This ingredient has extraordinary thickening abilities and has long been used in food and cosmetic products.

This 100% natural formula creates a lubricant that is more like a woman's natural body fluid than other leading brands:

Studied by the National Cancer Institute and Population Council

Several prominent health organizations have conducted years of research and clinical studies on formulations that include one or more forms of carrageenan as an ingredient.

  • The laboratory of Cellular Oncology at the National Cancer Institute reported that a comparison of a variety of compounds revealed that carrageenan, a type of sulfated polysaccharide extracted from red algae, is an extremely potent infection inhibitor for a broad range of sexually transmitted HPVs. (Read our press release about the results.)
  • The Population Council (PC) has received hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates and Rockefeller Foundations to support microbicide research efforts including research on carrageenan-based formulas.

The first "thixotropic" personal lubricant
In the bottle, Carrageenan is a rich gel that dispenses easily and stays where you put it. As it warms to body temperature, it changes from a gel to a moisture-rich lubricant, a unique physical benefit that scientists refer to as "thixotropic." Nonirritating & safe for everyday use.

While research continues into silicone's safety, you don't have to worry about using Carrageenan -- it contains no silicone, petroleum-based glycol or other harsh chemicals. Water-based Carrageenan contains carrageenan and other ingredients that are non-irritating, safe, effective (and fun!) for everyday use.

Healthy and Sexy

  • Airless Self Sealing Pump
  • All natural
  • Water based
  • Paraben free
  • Silicone free
  • Glycerine free
  • Non-sticky
  • Odorless
  • Relieves dryness
  • Long lasting
  • pH balanced
  • Non-staining
  • Measured applications
  • Latex condom compatible

Learn more about these fabulous ingredients

100% natural ingredients

  • Water
  • Propanediol - natural humectant
  • Carrageenan - rich lubricating ingredient with amazing potential health benefits
  • Sodium Hodroxymethylglycinate - natural enzyme preservative
  • Citric acid - pH balancing ingredient
  • Organic Aloe Concentrate - naturally soothes sensitive tissue
  • Organic Agave Inulin - prebiotic that helps women maintain healthy microflora
  • Vitamin E Acetate - fights free radicals and soothes sensitive tissue
  • Sodium Benzoate - natural preservative
  • Oceanus Naturals warming formula also includes natural menthol (Mint Extract), a warming ingredient

Carrageenan doesn't contain

  • Parabens
  • Silicone
  • Glycerin
  • Petroleum-based Glycols
  • Other harsh chemicals

Health covers the National Cancer Institute's research on carrageenan

In his February 2007 article "Too Old for HPV Shot? Maybe Not", Health's Eric Steinmehl explains the latest news about Gardasil, the HPV vaccine recently approved by the FDA for women ages 9-26.

Experts say that women ages 27+ may also benefit from the vaccine if they haven't already been exposed to HPV, Steinmehl explains. He then lists three additional ways to prevent cervical cancer.

- Keep getting pap smears

- Use condoms

- "Try a new lube. National Cancer Institute scientists found that carrageenan, an extract that comes from red algae, keeps HPV from entering cells in a lab dish. Lubricants like Oceanus' Carrageenan ($11, have carrageenan and can be used with condoms."

Redbook "Sexplorer" prefers The Natural Lubricant


"My boyfriend and I decided to road test Oceanus' Carrageenan Personal Lubricant and Astroglide's Liquid Personal Lubricant. They both were interesting -- it was fun to experience new sensations in addition to our own body-to-body heat, and the extra moisture was certainly welcome. I definitely preferred the Carrageenan, which had a rich, full texture, and just the right amount of extra warmth. Astroglide was a bit, well, glide-y... It felt kind of thin and also got all over my sheets, which put me in a grumpy mood because who wants to think about having to do laundry while getting it on? The heat was definitely powerful, but a bit too much, so that I certainly felt the burn. Overall, though, it was a fun thing to try!"

Check out more reviews and other Redbook "Sexplorer" tips here.

"Superior product!"

"Love this product! It is the only lubricant I've tried that does what it says on the label. There is absolutely no stickiness and no scent. Even the ones that claim to be odorless usually have some sort of 'chemical' smell. Carrageen also lasts longer than other popular brands that lose slip and effect within minutes.

The pump packaging makes it that much easier to use, and no mess or waste.

Thank you so much for creating such a superior product! I look forward to trying the Mdriveproduct next."

--Mark, Raleigh, NC

"I love these natural lubricants"

"I love these natural lubricants...The best thing I've ever experienced. Will never go back to the other stuff."

"Slippery stuff"

"If you're searching for a great lubricant for just yourself or you and your partner this is great. It doesn't take much to get the job done and a little water brings it back to life. It doesn't taste funny so that solves another problem. I highly recommend."

--C on August 7, 2011

"Saved our love life!"

"We've tried many many lubes and happened on this by chance. Sex can be very painful for me to the point that it really isn't worth it. I really liked Pink, until I tried this. No stickiness, not slimy like some. Perfect!

I love the natural ingredients & the pump is stellar. Truly dispenses at any angle. Stay far far away from glycerin products that dry out and damage a woman's body. Saved our sex at a great price.

I also received samples of other products with my shipment. On their website they typically have a BOGO or similar offer. The true selling point: if you aren't satisfied with anything you buy from them they will give you a FULL refund...on a sex product? Unheard of! That alone speaks volumes for the quality of their products!"

--HBW, San Antonio, TX on July 28, 2011

"No Sticky Mess!"

"In my experience of personal lubricants, I rate the The Natural product at the top of the list. The pump dispenser itself is pretty awesome, dispensing a measured amount and, as another reviewer has noted, it's not a catastrophe if "lost" in the bedcovers for a bit.

The product itself is soft and silky with NO SMELL, it lasts a long time without needing to be refreshed, and wipes off/dries without the horrible, sticky mess I associate with other lubes.

I use this with all my adult toys, notably my Magic Wand attachments, and it performs like a champ every time. It makes each, ahem, "session" much more pleasant to clean up after, too.

Awesome product, I don't think I'll ever buy a different brand lube again. I encourage you to try it for yourself! At this price, why not?

(Nope, not affiliated with the company at all. I just want this product to be manufactured forever, so more people need to buy it. *grin*)"

--H on July 19, 2011

"All natural and feels really good"

"What I like best about Carrageenan is the fact that it is all natural and feels really good."

--B.N., Texas on June 18, 2009

"We love this product!"

"I just wanted to send you guys an e-mail to let you know how much my girlfriend and I love your Carrageenan Personal Lubricant. We had tried so many personal lubrication products, sometimes only using them once before chucking them in the garbage. I probably spent 100 dollars on a collection of products that we never used more then a few times before we decided on one. We thought this other lube was our best bet and used it for quite a few months, but it caused a lot of problems. After a few applications it would desensitize both of us by building up a large amount of sticky gunk. we would have to stop, hop in the shower and wash it off, then try to get back into the swing of things. Sometimes, it would cause a burning sensation in my girlfriend and we would have to stop.


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