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[G] Female Stimulating Gel (15ml) - For Women @ Clitoris!


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[G] Female Stimulating Gel (15ml)

All Natural 100% (Dreambrands. Made In USA)

[G]'s natural formula will intensify every sexual experience and make your personal pleasure exceed your dreams. It's applied as a slippery prelude to sex and enhances the entire experience from foreplay to fabulous. By actually stimulating the body's most sensitive spots, it provides the kind of tingling and warming you've dreamed about.

- Airless Self Sealing Pump
- All Natural Ingredients
- Water-based
- Odorless
- Colorless
- Tasteless
- Paraben free
- Glycerine free
- pH balanced
- Measured applications
- Latex condom compatible

[G] uses all natural ingredients to improve female sexual sensation, CLITORIS arousal, and pleasure:-

- It's all natural, water-based, colorless and tasteless.

- Eco-Friendly Carrizma, a highly pure natural moisturizing blend, is derived from sustainable and renewable processes.

- Vitamins, amino acids and natural oils Niacin, Arginine and Evening

- Primrose Oil promote increased blood flow to the clitoris.

- Natural mint extract Menthol gives a warming, tingling, stimulating sensation. It also helps the niacin and arginine to absorb into the skin so they work quickly to increase sexual sensitivity.

It's science meeting nature. Because it's the science behind [G] that makes it so special. Carrizzma, a blend of CARRAGEENAN and other pure natural moisturizers, provide silky smooth female lubrication while a sexy blend of natural niacin, arginine, evening primrose oil and menthol are why [G] leaves women feeling enticingly sensual.

Great Sex Starts With Great Chemistry

Same with [G]. It's the chemistry behind [G] that makes it so special. Yet the formula is natural. It contains ingredients like carrageenan, which has its own extraordinary properties and health benefits, but together with a highly pure natural humectant derived from vegetables, they deliver a moisture-rich formula. This unique blend named CarrizmaTM is derived from a environmentally friendly process. CarrizmaTM and a sexy blend of natural niacin, arginine, evening primrose oil and menthol give [G] its special tingle. Somebody should bottle that feeling. Oh wait, we already did!

Natural ingredients improve sensation, arousal & pleasure

[G] uses natural ingredients to help improve female sexual sensation, arousal, and pleasure. They're all bathed in a rich, sensual lubricating formula that raises foreplay to a whole new level.

[G] is Natural

Premium Ingredients:

Propanediol - a natural humectant
Carrageenan - moisture-rich lubricating ingredient with potential health benefits
L-Arginine - increases sensation and blood flow
Niacin - increases sensation and blood flow
Evening Primrose Oil - increases sensation and blood flow
Menthol - warming, stimulating ingredient
Citric Acid - pH balance
Natural Preservatives


Apply one pump to the underside of the clitoris and surrounding area.

Massage in gentle circles until increased sensitivity occurs.

Re-apply as often as desired!


[G] is a natural stimulating gel to enhance your sensitivity and intensify physical stimulation.

Now women can experience more pleasure than they ever thought possible - naturally! When applied to a woman's most sensitive area, this gentle topical stimulating gel helps increase satisfaction and pleasure during foreplay and intercourse.

 I just want to tell you that this product is AMAZING! Our sex life is excellent, but i think this product doubled the intensity of my wife's orgasms. I couldn't believe how hard they were. She even told me that we can use this when our kids are not home because she couldn't control herself. We are 1000% satisfied! Thank you so much for this product.  - [G] Fan

 Wow... [G] really hits the spot! I enjoyed the gentle warming and tingling sensation. It made my toes curl and legs quiver, as I was able to experience more frequent and stronger orgasms. My husband and I both give [G] two thumbs up!  - Melanie D.

G 是一款水溶性的刺激型凝胶,主要是作用于女性的阴帝,增加阴蒂及附近的血液流动和敏感度。许多女性,随着年纪的增长,阴部附近的血液流动会越来越少。G 就是用来修复阴部血液流动的.


G 的独特源自于其天然的配方。G 含有丰富的角叉菜胶,一中有独特功能和健康效益的原料。 加上另外一种源自于蔬菜中的天然保湿剂,使G 达到了前所未有保湿功效。


G 用天然的原料来提高女士性趣,快感。丰富的润滑配方使您的前戏达到前所未有的享受.

烟酸,精氨酸,月见草油 - 使阴蒂更加敏感

薄荷醇 - 使发热,刺激并增强快感,提高性欲.

G】天然的配方使你达到超越梦想的享受,满足您对于性的所有体验,使你的前戏充满刺激和惊喜。G 通过刺激女士敏感部位,使你享受到刺激和发热的感觉.

G 基本概述









PH 酸碱值平衡







丙二醇 天然的保湿剂

角叉菜胶 水份充足的润滑原料,对身体有益

精氨酸 提高性欲和加快血液的流动

烟酸 提高性欲和加快血液的流动

月见草油 提高性欲和加快血液的流动

薄荷醇 发热和刺激的原材料

柠檬酸 使PH平衡









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