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EROSEX Liebes-traum Longlove Delay Condoms (2 Pcs)


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Model / Code: EROSEX-DELAY

Erosex Liebes-traum Longlove Delay Condoms (2 Pcs)

~ ~ ~ Extraordinary Persistence - Endurance ~ ~ ~

Erosex Liebes-traum condoms are made out of natural rubber latex condoms. They has the function of extraordinary persistence and endurance. These delay condoms will make your sexual life more colourful. And Liebes-traum condoms are also used for contraception and help prevent sexually transmitted diseases. 

The people who are allergic to latex should ask your doctor before use. These durable condoms are only used once, after using the condom please wrap it in a paper towel and throw it in the household waste.

It is very travel friendly with 2 pieces in a yellow box. 

- Category: Delay Condom
- Material: High Quality Natural Latex
- Type / Texture: Thin Flat / Plain

- Special Features: Reservoir-ended

- Specification: 52 +/- 2mm

- Qualification: GB7544-2004 ISO9001 ; CNAS ; CCC G000078

- Exp: 2016/09
- Manufacturer: Guangzhou Maiaisi Rubber Products Co., Ltd

(GB7544-2004 standards for manufacturing awarded ISO9001 certification ; Website:
- Quantity: 2 Pieces Per Pack

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