Thursday April 18, 2019

ICE TOUCH Natural Latex Condom (12 PCS)


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Model / Code: BQ-ICE-TOUCH

BQ ICE TOUCH - innovate 'shape' on top design, more comfortable and fitted. Surface full with protrude particles - dotted texture to increase stimulation during friction and you will definitely get an extreme stimulated and intense climax and sexual pleasure.

It's made of 100% high quality natural latex, contains "cooling" lubrication. No doubt that this ultimate condom is able to give both parties of the most profound and sensation pleasure.

Use it as an effective contraception to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, the HIV virus.

- Material: High Quality Natural Latex
- Type / Texture: Dotted / Ultra-Thin
- Special Features: Reservoir-ended ; Large Oil 800mg ; Elimination of Smell ; Soft Condom Wall ; Anti-Allergy Technology
- Specification: 52 +/- 2mm
- Qualification: GB7544-2009 ; CCC G000078 ; 100% Electronically Tested
- Exp: 2016/09
- Manufacturer: Guangzhou Maiaisi Rubber Products Co., Ltd
(GB7544-2009 standards for manufacturing awarded ISO9001 certification ; Website:
- Quantity: 12 Pieces Per Pack

  • Model: BQ-ICE-TOUCH
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