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100% Silicone Love / Orgasm Balls (Smooth & Comfortable) - PEARL


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Great Value (for getting love balls made of silicone)!

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100% Silicone Love / Orgasm Balls (Smooth & Comfortable) - PEARL

Specially designed with centrifugal weight particles, soft material provides a saturated and particle caress touch during insertion into vagina, beads scroll along with body movement, offers pleasures that are unable to provide by male. Product is finely made by advanced non-toxic medical polymer material (100% silicone), provides a distinctive sensual experience to couples. By just inserting and gently rub it with vagina or anal, you will be irresistible by the desperate moaning of the female. Give it a try and enrich your sex life in a variety ways.

Smear a small amount of lubricant onto the beads, gently insert into your vagina, the oval shape design allows ease insertion, and then apply pressure on anal and relax, repeat steps and exercise your vagina muscles. If you have no time to do so, you may also insert and leave it in your vagina for the day, the beads will scroll along with your daily body movement such as walking, running and dancing etc., providing antsy ticklish tease stimulation. Furthermore, it acts as an exercise function and helps stimulate, massage and strengthen vaginal and pelvic muscles.

It is recommended to exercise at least 1-2 times a day, 10 minutes for every intervals. It can be carried out anytime anywhere. Practice regularly for 6-8 weeks for significant improvement, not only effectively tighten the vagina muscles, it also increases sensitivity.

[Friendly Reminder]
Before use, disinfect product with 75% alcohol medical disinfectant, smear a small amount of lubricant onto product (preferably to apply condom during usage).
Through vibration and other functions to massage sensitive area, regulates endocrine system, healthy masturbation, it helps elevate the quality of sex life.

[Maintenance / Cleaning]
Clean product before and after use. Clean silicone part with warm or hot water, alcohol or special cleaning solutions for sex toys; avoid contact beads with water, do not soak or wash with water.

Wipe surface moist with soft absorbent cloth, or allow air dry at cool place, avoid sun exposure or dryer to prevent deformation and crack.

Keep in colorless soft fabric pouch or dust bag, store at cool dry place, and avoid sunlight.

Do not apply silicone grease lubrication that might damage the velvet smooth surface. It is recommended to use water-based lubricants. Do not use product in the case of organ inflammation or damaged skin surface.


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Manufacturer approved by STATE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION - FDA ; RoHS Compliance ; EMC Compliance (CE) ; United States Patent & Trademark Office

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