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USB Heat Massager - Health Therapy for Men & Women


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USB Heat Massager - New Technology Health Therapy for Men & Women

Massage tool is 9cm long and hardness diameter is 2cm.

Suitable area:
Intracavitary radiation frequency therapy system commonly use to treat different chronical, bacteria, non bacteria infection protatitis, hyperplasia of prostate, gonococcal urethritis, mycoplasma, Chlamydia and other nongonococcal urethritis.

Warm up around 10 minutes. Treat it the next day, continue for 20 - 40 minutes time.

Use lubricant or Vaseline to hydrate anal or massager, gently pushing it in and sphincter muscles will automatically sucking the massager, use the natural contraction ability of sphincter muscles to press against prostate, after that remove it with the handle and relax. Repeat this motion to finish the massage. Remember to be gentle during massaging, every time the massage interval should be 3 days, generally one to twice a week. After getting the intended result, persist to finish the whole treatment, after rest for a few days then continue the treatment to strengthen the result. Part of the patients felt sore after the next day then should reduce the strength of the massage.

Below are the conditions that should not massage:
Suspected to be acute prostatitis, tuberculosis of prostate and tumor patient is prohibited to massage.

Special statement:
Self massage prostate treatment is just an auxiliary treatment method, should not use to replace any other therapy. To reduce patient's financial burden and convenient for treatment that is why this product has designed to be used at home.

You will definitely get a satisfy result.

Heat Massager adalah terapi kesihatan teknologi terbaru untuk mengatasi masalah prostat pada lelaki, digunakan pada anal, dapat membuat ereksi pada penis menjadi lebih keras dan lama, dapat digunakan untuk keperluan seksual lelaki.

Dalam 3 minit setelah dicolokkan ke usb port komputer/notebook, Heat Massager akan menghasilkan panas sekitar 48 derajat celcius.

Heat Massager memiliki panjang 8 cm dengan keliling lingkaran 2 cm, menggunakan kabel USB.

Parameter Teknik = Voltage (5V), Power (2W), Temperature (45-50 Celcius).

百乐 热磁理疗器 可做usb加热棒 加热器




这款产品使用 USB 供电,插电即供热,方便易用,而且usb电压很小,不用担心触电。加热体部分外表光滑,不会划伤硅胶(请注意放入硅胶内外表涂一些润滑液,这样更容易放入自慰器)。

使用方法:将加热棒 USB 端插入电脑usb借口,加热体会慢慢发热,由于usb供电较小,加热比较缓慢,几分钟后能感觉到温度,10分钟能感觉到热起来,20分钟温度就足以加热自慰器了。

综上描述,USB 加热棒性能完胜传统加热棒,是玩家必备小工具

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