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Pro Extender - Penis Enlargement System


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ProExtender System
Penis Enlargement

Ten's of thousands of men have purchased the product on the advice of their doctors.

ProExtender is recommended by Physicians in 29 Countries

The ProExtender is designed to provide gentle non-harmful and painless traction to the penis.

The device fastens around the base of the penis and around the corona glans (head), and has a fully adjustable traction apparatus in between. When you gradually increase the longitudinal force on the shaft of the penis, the body's natural reaction to this force is multiplication of tissue cells and gradual expansion of the penile tissue.

In other words, the penis gradually & naturally adds tissue for a larger/ longer penis.

Questions & Answers

Q: I'm worried about pain or discomfort. What can I expect with ProExtender?

A: Since the ProExtender device was designed by a medical practitioner, it is anatomically appropriate and correct to function as it should with minimal discomfort even when used for extended periods of time. Initially, you may notice some slight soreness as your body adjusts to the traction, and this normally tapers off quickly. In some cases, men experience some minor skin irritation, and there are cushions or pads available to correct this.

Q: Are there any side effects of the supplements?

A: There are no side effects at all. The ingredients are all natural, safe, and combined in the correct proportions to assist in male vigor and sexual health with no ill effects. Additionally, our supplements are manufactured with great care under very strict quality controls in a pharmaceutical grade facility.

Q: What about side effects of the device?

A: There are no adverse effects to erections, performance, urination or fertility from using the ProExtender device.

Q: What if I want to get longer than the device?

A: The ProExtender is adjustable -- you just drop in the add-on extenders to lengthen the bars of the device to whatever length you choose.

Q: How soon can I expect to see results?

A: You'll feel the effects of the supplements from the first day, and realize the full effect of the System within weeks or months. Most men also report improved confidence and an overall feeling of better health with the use of the supplements plus the exercises, usually within the first week.

Q: Will I lose the enlargement if I stop using ProExtender?

A: No. Your gains are permanent if ProExtender is used as directed.

Q: I can sort of see how this would add length, but what about girth?

A: ProExtender does both! The average length increase is 24%, and the average girth increase is 19%.

Q: How will enlargement affect my erections?

A: Even with just the device used alone, most users felt their erections were stronger due to the increased cell activity and blood flow. In addition, with the ProExtender System, you get a powerful erection enhancer in pill form, which further enhances hardness and staying power.

Q: What if I get an erection while the ProExtender is on?

A: The ProExtender just adjusts to the erection angle, or simply slides off smoothly so you can apply it again.

Q: How can I use the device discreetly?

A: After a little getting used to it, you will be able to use the device under medium-loose pants or trousers without detection. Some men incorporate the device into their daily routine by using it during their commute, their nightly TV viewing or book reading, or even during the work day if they have a non-physical job. Many men can also use ProExtender while they sleep.

Q: Do I have to use the ProExtender at the same time and for the same amount of time every day?

A: No, you can determine whatever schedule you like. The results depend on total time worn and the total traction, so you'll be able to work this into your normal routine.

Q: I am happy with my penis size. My problem is that it curves way to the left. Can ProExtender help me with this problem?

A: Yes! ProExtender has been clinically shown to effectively treat this condition. Additional lengthening is optional in your case.

Here are 5 good reasons for buying the ProExtender System ...
  1. you get a bigger, meatier and lengthier penis
  2. you can achieve and maintain harder erections
  3. you will experience a more satisfying sex life with better feel and longer reach
  4. you get the most complete enlargement system with pills and exercises thrown in
  5. you enjoy better self esteem without any embarrassment of having to show your stuff 

For more information:-

Nama Produk: Pro Extender
Kegunaan: Memanjangkan dan membesarkan zakar
Material: Plastik tahan lasak & komponen besi.

Pro Extender adalah alat untuk membesarkan dan memanjangkan saiz zakar lelaki dengan menggunakan konsep daya tarikkan. Pro Extender menggunakan daya tarikkan untuk membantu zakar anda memanjang dan membesar secara semulajadi. Dan ianya kekal walaupun anda berhenti menggunakan Pro Extender.  Daya tarikkan akan menyebabkan sel-sel dizakar anda membahagi dan bertambah sekaligus membesarkan dan memanjangkan zakar anda. Pro Extender Sesuai Untuk Semua Lelaki. 

Pro Extender mudah digunakan dan boleh dipakai pada bila-bila masa tanpa diketahui orang lain yang anda sedang memakainya. Dengan memakai seluar yang sedikit longgar, orang sekeliling anda tidak akan perasan anda sedang menggunakan Pro Extender. Dan yang lebih menakjubkan, lebih kerap anda pakai Pro Extender, lebih cepat zakar anda besar dan panjang. Anda mampu memiliki saiz zakar idaman anda tanpa perlu berjumpa doktor mahupun melakukan pembedahan yang mahal. Saya mampu dan anda juga pasti mampu!!!

Pro Extender Terbukti:-
- menambah kepanjangan zakar anda sebanyak 24% secara purata. Ianya mungkin lebih bergantung pada individu.
- menambah kelebaran zakar anda sebanyak 19% secara purata. Ianya mungkin lebih bergantung pada individu.
- meluruskan zakar anda jika zakar anda bengkok.
- membantu anda memuaskan pasangan anda kerana zakar yang panjang mampu menyentuh makam wanita dengan lebih dalam.
- membantu anda menjimatkan ribuan ringgit pada pembedahan zakar.

Konsep Pro Extender:-

Pro Extender menggunakan konsep daya tarikkan dalam membantu membesarkan dan memanjangkan zakar anda. Sesetengah tubuh badan manusia jika diberi daya tarikkan secara tetap akan membuatkan sel-sel dibahagian tersebut terbahagi dan bertambah sekaligus menambahkan bilangan tisu dibahagian tersebut. Jadi saiz zakar anda akan bertambah besar dan panjang. Dan ianya kekal.


1) Sarungkan ProExtender ke bahagian zakar.
2) Rapatkan rod spring sebelum mengikat kepala zakar.
3) Ketatkan tiub silicon pada bahagian kepala zakar.
4) Selitkan hujung tiub yang berlebihan dibahagian pengetat tiub.
5) Turunkankan rod spring supaya zakar mengadap ke bawah.
6) Zakar beserta ProExtender boleh dimasukkan ke dalam seluar.
7) Pakai selama 12 jam sehari. Longgarkan dan rehatkan jika perlu.

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