Friday April 19, 2019

Free Gift:- Pocket Travel Pussy (1 Unit)

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This lovely pocket size pussy is made of super soft silicon rubber. It's super-stretchy, comfortable and discrete keeping - a good companion when traveling.

It stretches to accommodate most shaft sizes while retaining the tightness and powerful grip on the penis with its ribbed internal wall. With each stroke, these rub up and down the shaft, it creating a stunning massage that will pull you to ecstasy in no time.

Please ensure well lubricated for maximum enjoyment.

- 100% Safe & Non Toxic
- Tight and Elastic ; 100% Realistic Feel
- Length: 11.5cm
- Diameter: 4cm - 5cm
- Type: Not Fix (randomly selected)
Manufacturer: BAILE (International Trusted & Reliable Brand)
- Manufacturer approved by STATE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION ; RoHS Compliance ; EMC Compliance (CE) ; United States Patent & Trademark Office